Kids and families today are searching. Their lives are full, schedules are busy, minds are pre-occupied – but just beneath the surface is a longing to know that their lives really matter. They need to know there is hope for their future – that the voices they hear threatening their peace of mind, challenging them to make damaging choices, or condemning thoughts that erode at their worth can be overcome.

At camp, people get a chance to break away and hear the truth. In a setting where they are surrounded by the beauty of creation and in the company of caring camp staff, campers and guests begin to understand they have value. They come face-to-face with God’s love for them and the fact that Jesus is inviting them to know Him well and walk with Him closely.

Listed below are families who have requested scholarships.  Identifying information is not given but we want to share with donors as much of  their story as possible.  We hope that you are drawn to help one or all campers.  Each family comes to us with varied circumstances and we love calling to tell them they have a sponsor!  All families submit financial information and scholarships are given as funds are received.  Donations that are not marked are distributed between families.  Each family is asked to pay a portion of the registration as their commitment to the ministry of Camp Courage. Will you help one of these? One week of camp at Camp Courage ranges from $165 at day camp to $225 for our overnight camp. 

Thank you for making camp a place of hope and love.

2017 Scholarship Requests