Camp Courage endeavors to provide a camping experience that is remembered for years to come.  We have found that parents and campers both have a great experience with the following information.  Please complete a medication form in advance to give to the camp nurse at check in.  

What to Bring

Dates and Rates

Mail at Camp Courage

Campers can receive snail mail at Camp Courage.  If a loved one wishes to have a camper write home a camper must have stamps.  We will be glad to send it!  Send SNAIL MAIL A WEEK IN ADVANCE!  


Campers can receive mail electronically.  This is a service provided by Bunk1 in which parents purchase credits to send and receive replies to campers.  Camp Courage doesn't benefit from this service, however, there is a charge for this service from Bunk1.  When a loved one sends emails via Bunk1 credits are purchased (sending email credits) and depending upon the stationary chosen credits vary.  If a loved one wishes to receive a reply from the camper "reply credits" must also be purchased in addition to the sending credits.   Once sent to us we print them.  Each note has a unique bar code (including replies) so that if a camper replies we can send it directly to the loved one's email as a pdf (showing any pictures or handwriting just as the camper wrote it).  We save replies to distribute during pick up day.   

Every day (usually twice/day) we have a fancy Mail Call!  Trust us when we say campers are on the edge of their seats hoping for mail!

Homesickness Preparation

Every camp wishes this could be required reading.  We strongly recommend preparing for an overnight stay prior to arriving at camp if a camper hasn't had the opportunity to practice overnighters away from home.  Our approach to homesickness is first acknowledging that the feelings are normal.  Secondly, we encourage distractions through camp activities and setting individual goals.  If a camper persists then we utilize the opportunity to have them write a letter home and continue encouraging their involvement in other activities.  A phone call to the parent from the Director or a Board Member takes place if usual measures are not helping a camper grow through the process.  A phone call home from the camper is a last resort because the phone call has the potential to magnify the homesick feelings and/or diminish progress.  Our experience shows where campers successfully complete a week of camp, despite the feelings of homesickness, they emerge stronger, confident and we can celebrate an emotional development milestone.  

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