The programs and activities governing the ministries and practices of By Faith Youth Ministries, Inc., are based upon and will at all times be consistent with the principles and guidelines of the Christian Bible. Our intention is to introduce positive and life-changing character qualities that will shape a young person's heart in a rewarding manner for a lifetime. Our belief is that the standard to discover these principles is through the person of Jesus Christ and through the written word of scripture.

We endeavor to teach these principles through affirming words of encouragement that come from a caring trustworthy adult. All of the activities are designed with the intent of allowing the child to discover these qualities on his or her own terms. In other words, we will not force or coerce any child to believe or act upon anything that they are not ready for or do not want to do by their own volition. We want each child to have the freedom of discovering Truth on their own terms and in their own way.