Day Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Camp Courage USA?

We are an independent Christian camp that is not affiliated with a church or denomination. Camp Courage USA operates through By Faith Youth Ministries, Inc. and is a 501C3 not for profit organization supported by individual & corporate donations.

Where is Day Camp?

Camp Courage USA day camp currently partners with various local businesses to meet and utilize facilities for our daily field trips.  Base camp locations are listed on the respective web page for that camp session.

What are essential eligibility requirements for camp?

To participate in Camp Courage programs, your child should be able to exhibit skills that demonstrate the ability for activities of daily living such as eating, bathing (overnight camp), dressing, and toileting. We welcome campers who are independently mobile, can communicate their needs, and able to perform their own hygiene tasks. We are a camp that fosters healthy social, emotional and behavioural interactions. Campers should be capable of age appropriate mental, emotional and social interaction and/or be open to redirection in camp’s fast-paced, youth centered and changing environment. For further questions about eligibility please contact our offices at (918)928-5955.

What are the Day Camp Hours?           

Drop Off Time:  Drop off time for regular day camp – 8:15 am to 8:40 am. Regular activities begin at 8:30 am.

Pick up times: Pick up time for regular day camp -  5:00 pm -5:30 pm.

  • Extended Hours are available: (see below) 7:15am doors open for before care.

  • Please Note: A late pickup fee will be assessed for parents/guardian arriving later than 6:00 PM. The late fee is charged at $1/minutes (rounded to the next 5 minute section ie. 6:02pm = 6:05pm)

What if I arrive late, need to check out a camper early or have an unplanned absence?

Arriving late (later than 8:40 am.  Leaving Early (earlier than 5pm)

We look forward to each camper’s arrival so if something comes up let us know. While we attempt to accommodate those arriving late or leaving early please schedule appointments before or after camp.   As soon as possible call or text (918)928-5955, Leave a message, if necessary.  Our schedule varies every day and we want to be sure camp day is smooth for everyone.    

 Can those hours be extended?

Yes. We provide extended care at base camp. Extended Care hours are from 7:15 AM - 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM – 6:00PM. 

Do you provide lunch? What should be avoided in a lunch?

We have partnered with the local school.  A menu will be published for parents.  Campers not interested can pack a lunch and drink (resealable zipper bag, e.g., Ziploc® bag). (Please keep in mind a microwave is not available) Lunches will be kept cold until served.  Space for stored lunches is limited therefore a resealable zipper bag with lunch items and name written on the front expedites happiness at lunch time.  Large insulated bags will not be accepted.   

Please no flavored juice drinks or pop.  Due to the nature of outdoor activities and hydration, drinks such as pop and juice do not provide enough hydration and result in beginning stages of heat exhaustion (headache, dizziness, nausea). Instead, we suggest more water, flavored water, or a low sugar electrolyte drink. 

Do you provide snacks?

Yes, we will provide two snack times per day. Cold water and Gatorade (during summer sessions) are available.

What places do campers visit?   

We lease certain venues (Rollerworld, and Lafortune Park Pool) to have Camp Courage access only.  We work with Army Corp of Engineers to visit Lake Oologah, Birch Lake, Skiatook Lake and Copan Lake.  Each venue is chosen based on safety, lake traffic and ease of access.  There are times when the areas we visit are restricted to outside users or the area is private enough during the week that we are the users present.  Oologah Pool, various museums, and older campers visit places such as Rogers State Hilltop Challenge, and the Siloam Springs Kayak Park.  Each week parents enrolled in that session receive an email to our specific locations but not generally the times.  For safety and privacy we try to keep the information only in the hands of those who need it. 

What music do campers listen to?

Campers listen to music while riding to field trip locations and we strive to choose fun, positive & encouraging music.  Some is Christian music and some is just fun.  Campers can make requests and if they do we consider the lyrics of the music before adding it to our playlist.  Occasionally we host a dance party (Dance Dance Revolution) and we choose the best appropriate options for campers.  

Can you enroll anytime?

Camp enrollment is on a 'first come, first serve' basis and many sessions fill up early. However, if we have an opening we will accept enrollment throughout the camp season. Registration is available online but those choosing to register late will incur an additional fee of $15 if not registered by the midnight, Thursday of the previous week. A fee of $20 will be added for walk-ins or Sunday/Monday enrollments.

Can you switch from one camp week (Session) to another?

Please contact the camp office - If there is space available we will make the requested change for you, however, switching sessions will result in forfeiture of deposit(s) and may forfeit monies paid based upon the payment policy. Any changes must be requested in writing or email. 

When are camp payments due?

A non-refundable/non-transferable deposit is required to hold a spot for each camper. All remaining balances are due no later than 2 weeks prior to camp start date. Accounts not paid may result in loss of registration. Payments can be made online in full or with easy monthly installments either manually or automatically.

Is there a daily rate?

A daily rate is not available.  In previous years we facilitated a daily rate but found that due to the nature of activities, team cohesion and safety was compromised.  Each day, beginning Monday, is purposed to build campers, through mentors, in leadership and progression of responsibility within the group, making attendance important.  

What about refunds or credits? 

Camp Courage USA does not refund or transfer the deposit under any circumstances. If a cancellation is made two weeks prior to the camper's session, Camp Courage will only offer a refund if there is a verifiable medical excuse from a doctor.  In the event of cancellation due to misconduct or homesickness, Camp Courage USA will retain the session fee.  We will make every effort to switch your camper to a different session, if necessary, less the deposit. There is no prorating due to missed days of camp. Registration is based on one week regardless of attended days.

What is the ratio of campers to leaders?

Typically, Camp Courage USA will have 1 leader for 6 to 10 campers depending upon the age group. 

How is my child grouped?

Our campers are divided into groups based on age, depending on enrollment.  Owls Ages 5-7, Falcons Ages 8-10, Eagles Ages 11-14

What are the ages of Campers?

Our campers are at least five years old through 14 yrs old.  

What are the swimming requirements at camp?

Occasionally, we will swim at a pool or lake, however, swimming lessons are not taught so each camper is assessed for swimming abilities during the first swim each week. A wrist band is utilized to indicate swimmers from non-swimmers. In lake water, life jackets are required regardless of swimming ability.  All swimming locations have a lifeguard and lookouts onsite.

Is Sunscreen provided?

Yes, we provide hypo-allergenic sunscreen however, parents may provide their own preferred sunscreen.  Campers will be required to wear a camp shirt during any lake days or outdoor swimming.  Shirts are available by order at set dates and packaged ahead of time for families. Links for shirt order will be provided upon enrollment.

Requirements:  Lake days campers must wear swim shoes or old tennis shoes.  During outdoor swimming or lake days campers must wear the camp shirt to aid in sun protection.  

What if my child needs to take medication during camp?

All prescribed and over the counter (OTC) medication must be checked in on the first day of the session. All medications must be in the original bottle inside a resealable zipper bag clearly labeled with camper’s first and last name. No child is allowed to administer or keep in their possession over-the-counter medications or prescribed medications. If a child is in need of over-the-counter medications qualified staff will assess their condition and administer the proper dosage with documentation based upon parent/guardian selections on the enrollment form. 

How are parent/guardian(s) notified if a camper is injured or ill? 

During camp if a camper becomes ill or is injured and cannot participate a parent/guardian is contacted first.  In the event that the primary contact cannot be reached within 10 minutes, the emergency contact listed on the camper's registration will be contacted next.  An illness is any child with a temperature above 100 degrees, who may vomit or have diarrhea . Children MUST be fever free for 24 hours without the aid of fever reducing medication before returning to camp or possess a physician's letter stating that the camper is able to participate in normal camp activities.

What is the level of medical care provided at Day Camp?

Camp Courage is an adventure day camp and is not a special needs or medical camp. It is reasonable for parents to assume that their child will return from a camp experience in good health. Camp Courage will provide routine health care for minor injuries, monitor for sickness, encourage healthy camp practices, watch and identify campers whose health may be in decline and notify parent/guardian of illness or injury when needed.  Camp Courage will assess an injury and may call Emergency Medical Services when emergency care is needed.  We can follow instructions from parent/guardian(s) in regard to following wishes for Over the Counter medications as indicated by parent/guardians(s) in the registration process.  Prescription medications can be given when a parent/guardian follows the camp guidelines.  Camp Courage consults via phone with an RN but doesn’t have a nurse on staff at day camp.  Basic first aid will be administered and aid until EMS can arrive on site in the instance of life-threatening emergency. Please refer to the “Essential Eligibility Requirements” for participation above.

How close is the nearest hospital?

There are two hospitals within 5 miles of camp.  Our daily field trips currently do not take us more than 20 minutes from any emergency medical source.  

Is there a nurse available at all times?

Our nurse is on call during day camp hours.  Our staff is CPR, AED, and First Aid Certified. All staff are trained in anaphylaxis and Bloodborne Pathogens.  

How do you pick your staff?

Our staff is comprised of Team Leaders ages 16 or older as well as Leaders in Training, age 15. Each staffer is carefully handpicked by our Director and Advisory Board and must pass a thorough background check before being accepted. Each staffer must complete an extensive application and interview process. All references are checked in detail. Typically, our Day Camp staff has a past work or camping history with Camp Courage USA.  We love our staff and invest in them personally in the same manner we choose to invest in campers. 

What is the discipline policy?

We believe in rewarding and recognizing good behavior; however, the need for discipline arises from time to time. First offense: verbal warning. Second offense: removal from activity. Third offense: a visit with the Camp Director and a call to parent/guardian. Continued infractions will result in dismissal from camp without a refund. The expense to pick up their camper is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

Lost and Found?

If you discover an item missing please contact our office as soon as possible and we will attempt to locate your item in the lost and found. Arrangements to pick up your item can be made. All items not claimed by August 31 will be donated to a local charity.

May I call my child at camp?

Campers can receive calls only in the case of an emergency. Incoming calls are discouraged out of consideration of planned activities. Campers are not allowed to have cell phones or electronic devices. If a camper has a cell phone or electronic device the device should be stored away and off or it will be held in the office until a parent/guardian arrives.  In an increasing age of smart devices we also ask that campers not wear smart gear such as watches or trackers.

Emergency number is (918)928-5955. EMERGENCY ONLY

Are you able to provide special dietary needs?

(E.g. nothing with red dye, no sugar) Yes, if the child is under medical supervision by a doctor or allergic reaction is known. To ensure special needs are met, please call our camp office at least two weeks prior to camp and make note on the registration page online for your camper. Special snacks may be provided by the parent, if preferred.  One advantage to bringing lunches is that parents can tailor the lunch to their child’s preference and any special needs. Allergies to gluten must be physician ordered/verified. 

What are the specific activities the campers will be doing?

Every week we plan to swim, splash park, cool crafts, picnics, music, hiking, fishing, canoeing, organized group games, archery, or skating. Each week also includes a special theme, weather permitting. Each week a schedule of activities will be distributed to CONFIRMED campers during the weekend preceding camp arrival. A copy of the schedule can also be obtained at the check in desk.  Communication with families is through email so be sure to add campcourageusa to your email.  Emails are sent the weekend prior to attendance which allows time for planning around weather to the best of our ability. 

What do the kids do if it rains or the weather is excessively hot?

Camp Courage USA is prepared with several creative and fun indoor activities. There will also be skits, drama, wacky talent shows, cool arts and crafts (the kind you LIKE to keep), creative games, and more. Rain dates allow us to pick another close field trip like museum or a movie.