Day Camp - What to Bring


  • Sack Lunch (if not eating school lunch)

    in a resealable plastic bag

  • Drawstring bag for your things

  • Insect repellent (when needed)

  • Swimsuit/Towel (when needed)

  • Gallon resealable zipper bag for dirty clothes

  • Closed toe shoes

  • Flip flops for appropriate activities

  • Change of clothes (t-shirt/shorts)

Medications - 
(OTC and Prescription must be checked in with camp director)

Prescription medication must be in the original bottle, with only the amount needed for the camper’s session.  All prescription bottles should be placed into a resealable zipper bag with the camper’s first and last name clearly marked with permanent marker.

Over-the-counter medications can be dispensed with written permission only.  OTC medications brought to camp sessions must be in the original bottle/packaging, clearly marked with the camper’s first and last name and placed in a resealable zipper bag.


We are so please to offer FREE lunches! In addition, if a camper arrives by 8:00 AM breakfast is also included. If a camper prefers to pack a sack lunch that is acceptable, as well. If they change their mind they can eat BOTH. Camp Courage provides two additional healthy snacks each day. One snack in the morning and one in the afternoon.  

What NOT to bring

  • Money to carry**

  • Cell phones or electronics

  • Medications, any (Must be checked in with camp director)

  • Clothing with vulgar or suggestive slogans

  • Water guns or water balloons

  • Knives

  • Firearms or fireworks

  • Tobacco, drugs, or alcohol

  • Pets

**Money can be kept on an account for the snack shack or for trips to the skating rink.  CC is not responsible lost/stolen money not placed on account at the check in desk.

Lost and Found

The best way to prevent lost items is to clearly mark all of your camper's clothing and belongings. 

Found items will be kept by the Camp Courage USA office.  If you have lost items, call the camp office at (877)3-GO-CAMP with a complete description and we will do our best to locate and return it to you.  Following all camp sessions any items not claimed will be held until August 31st.  After August 31st all items will be donated to charity.

What to Wear

Tennis Shoes and socks

Camp T-shirt - must be worn at designated field trips. Starting 2019 campers must purchase a t-shirt. A 20% discount is available or campers may also wear older camp shirts. Camp t-shirts is our way of identifying campers while on trips and also used to prevent sunburn to shoulders during lake trips.